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BUSD Ecosystem

2021 has been a flourishing year for the BUSD ecosystem, with its market capitalization skyrocketing from around US$1B to over US$14.6B at the end of 2021 – now making it the third largest stablecoin by market cap, behind Tether and USDC! This remarkable success is largely attributed to wider adoption among users as wallets, platforms and services support BUSD along with DEXes and CEXes.

Cutting-edge wallets, like Metamask and Trust Wallet, are now enabling users to keep BUSD. Moreover, various platforms and services such as Travala’s travel booking site and Moonpay or Banxa payment gateways have introduced support for the cryptocurrency too. Plus, with Wyre’s payment API Suite and multi-currency payment solutions available through ivendPay or Paylot – transacting in BUSD has never been easier! PancakeSwap is not the only top DEX with support of BUSD; there are many others, including Uniswap, 1inch, Curve Finance, Ellipsis and MDEX. Additionally, those who prefer centralized exchanges (CEXes) can find it on FTX,, Wazirx, MEXC and a variety more! By making BUSD available in multiple locations we make transacting easier for all players within the BSC ecosystem.

If you’re eager to reap the rewards of yield farming and lending BUSD, take advantage of its availability on centralized platforms such as Binance, Blockfi and Celsius, among others. Furthermore, renowned DeFi protocols like Venus, Aave and offer users substantial yields when utilizing their BUSD holdings!